How to Get a Hamster to Sleep



Build up trust with your hamster.,
Hold your hamster.,
Carry your hamster when it’s tired.

Although hamsters love human interaction and thrive on getting gently petted, played with, and picked up, they will need time to learn to trust you.For the first week that you own your hamster, avoid making quick movements around it. Let the hamster sniff you before you touch it or pick it up.

After about a week, your hamster will develop trust and you can start to pick it up more regularly.

, The more comfortable your hamster feels being touched and held by you, the sooner it will be willing to sleep in your hand. Once your hamster is comfortable being stroked and picked up, you can begin to carry the hamster for longer periods of time.Cup the hamster loosely in your hand when you hold it. Never squeeze or trap the hamster with your hands. If it seems agitated or uncomfortable, put the hamster back in its cage.
Never wake your hamster up to play. When they’re sleeping during the day, let your hamster rest. If you wake it up and attempt to play, the hamster may bite you., To let your hamster sleep in your hand, you’ll have to spend time carrying it when it’s sleepy. This should be in the early evening (when it’s just waking up) or late morning (when it’s going to bed). Try sitting down or remaining still when you’re holding your sleepy hamster, and soon you’ll find it sleeping in your hand.

Don’t pick your hamster up once it’s already asleep.

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