How to Get a Guy to Notice You at School



Feel good about how you look.,
Take pride in your strengths.,
Practice positive self-talk.,
Write down daily affirmations.,
Hold your head high.

It is easier said than done, but often times the best way to get attention from a guy is to exude confidence and be yourself. You can start by making sure you feel good about how you look. There is no perfect weight or perfect style. All that matters is that you find a look that makes you feel confident!Browse some magazines for outfit ideas and pick out some clothes you like.
If you don’t have a lot of money, check out local thrift stores or resale shops.
Decide on a hairstyle that feels good for you.
Wake up early enough to groom and get ready before school.;
, Don’t feel like you need to act shy or meek to get attention. In fact, that usually fails to work. Instead, let your strengths shine. You can show your confidence and embrace your talents without being boastful and arrogant, so don’t be afraid of the spotlight. That is where he’s most likely to notice you! Plus, when you own and embrace your talents, you come off as confident and attractive. Maybe your strengths include:

Your sense of humor.
Your athleticism.
Your good grades.

, The way you talk to yourself (or about yourself) has a huge impact on the way you feel about yourself. Start boosting your confidence from the inside out by keeping track of the way you talk. As a general rule, don’t say anything about yourself that you wouldn’t say about your best friend.

Instead of thinking, “I am terrible at soccer,” think “When I practice my soccer moves, I feel better.”
If something goes wrong, try to stop your thoughts from spiraling. You can think, “I made a mistake, but I can decide how the rest of my day goes.”
Make a deal with your friends to correct each other if you hear negative self talk.

, Motivate yourself and boost your positivity by setting aside a few minutes each day to write down positive affirmations and read them back to yourself. For added benefit, post them places you often look, such as on your mirror, near your computer monitor, or inside your school locker.

Write down positive statements, such as “You are worthy of love and support,” “Everything will work out in the end,” or “You can do it!”
You can find great quotes online if you’re struggling to come up with affirmations.

, Confident people are viewed as being more attractive and desirable. The way you hold your body and interact with other people communicates a lot about your confidence level. Show your confidence by making eye contact and smiling at people. Practice holding your body in confident ways, and in time you will begin to feel it on the inside, too.You might try:

Keeping your shoulders back (leading with your heart).
Avoid slouching or hunching.
Hold your head high (you can practice balancing a book on your head).
Practice your social skills.

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