How to Get a Guy to Notice You at School



Make strong eye contact.,
Keep conversations light.,
Use touch.,
Just go for it.

Once you have been able to strike up a conversation with this guy, you can move on to actually flirting. An important element of flirtation is making strong eye contact. This is different from just catching his eye from across the hall. When you are flirting, you want to:

Maintain his gaze while you are talking.
Keep your gaze soft.
Smile and/or laugh.

, Your early conversations should be simple, effortless, and brief. Your goal is to keep him wanting more, so you should avoid giving him too much of you at once. Avoid digging into heavy emotional, political, or stressful topics. Avoid complaining or ranting. Instead, talk about something funny or look for things you have in common (like sports, fashion, spring break plans).

Keep early interactions short and sweet. You can say, “I have that same notebook.”
You can brainstorm a short, funny story ahead of time. For example, try saying, “That reminds me of this time I went to San Jose.”
When in doubt, use compliments! Such as, “Wow, you’re really good at math.”

, If you are talking and feeling great, it might be time to “break the touch barrier.” In other words, you can really communicate that you like someone by using nonchalant touch! You can try:

Gently touching his arm while laughing
Brushing against him
Pretend to clean a leaf from their back
Make it seem like an accident and see how they respond.

, Rather than waiting around for him to notice you, take the plunge and ask him out. If it seems like he is interested in you, go ahead and make the first move. Pump yourself up with a motivational song or a confidence-building conversation with your friend before you talk to him. You might say:

“Hey, are you busy this Saturday? Maybe we could catch a movie.”
“Would you want to grab a coffee sometime?”
“Do you have a date for the dance next week?”

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