How to Get a Guy to Notice You at School



Walk by him in the hall.,
Try to catch his eye.,
Find a reason to talk to him.,
Wear something fun.

The simplest strategy for getting a guy’s attention is just to walk past him in the hall. It may take several tries; so if possible, time it so that you walk by his locker once per day. But there are some tricks to it!

Keep your body language confident (head held high, shoulders back).
Try to feel good about the way that you look and have a smile on your face.
You don’t want to seem like you are trying to get his attention, so don’t stare!
Ask a friend to walk and talk with you so that you don’t seem obvious. Your conversation may also catch his attention.
You may want to practice walking at home until you feel comfortable.

, After you have done a few “walk-bys,” the next phase in your plan should be to try and lock eyes with him for a few seconds. This might be his first clue that you are interested in him. Don’t stare at him longingly, or try look too eager. Just lock eyes for three seconds and then look away.Glance at him the next time you walk by.
Try to catch his eyes during class.
Smile if you see him at an assembly or in the lunchroom.

, Once you have successfully made eye contact, you need to find reasons to talk to him. Fortunately, school provides lots of opportunities for that. Think about upcoming school events or shared activities to get ideas for things talk to him about. Before you talk to him, rehearse what you will say so that you don’t get flustered in the moment.You might say, “I missed class last Friday. Do you have the English notes?”
Ask, “Do you know when our permission slips are due?” or “Do you know the date today?”
Plan what you will say after he answers. For example, you could introduce yourself and thank him for his help.

, A cute dress or funky sweater might be enough to get his attention. Choose a fun outfit and save it for a day when you’re feeling extra confident. Be sure to walk by his locker on that day.

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