How to Get a Guy to Always Want to Talk to You



Make a funny or playful observation to break the ice.,
Show him that you are enjoying yourself in conversation.,
Be confident in who you are, and enjoy yourself in his company.,
Hang out with other people who bring out the best version of you with him.,
Follow him on social media.,
Post things on your social media.,
Comment on his posts.,
Move on if he doesn’t seem interested in you.

One way to break the ice is to pay attention to what is going on around you. Find something in your environment that you can make a funny comment about. For example, if it is lunch and the food hasn’t arrived yet and you two are waiting outside in the heat, you can something silly like, “Do you think they going to get us water for this wait, or do they just want us to die?” Guys find playfulness attractive in girls, and it will give you something to make a little bond over.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as a funny person, you can still be playful.This playfulness can help make the conversation fun and low pressure.
Remember that getting the conversation started is most important thing. Don’t worry too much about how the ice breaker goes. Focus instead on continuing your conversation.;
, One way to get a guy to like talking to you is if you seem like you are having a good time talking with him. A few ways you can show you are having fun is if you make eye contact, smile often, laugh genuinely, and lean forward slightly when you are talking. When you are talking, tilt your head to one side, smile and touch your hair, neck or clothes. But don’t over think it, just do what feels natural as well. Your nonverbal signals should just show him that you are having a good time.Let him know you like messaging with him if you are mostly messaging. For example, you can say something like, “I think you’re pretty fun to text with.”

, Write down the things that make you awesome. Knowing why you are awesome and not being afraid to show it attracts others. Do not be afraid to make mistakes around him. Be authentic to the real you, quirks and all. Relax and laugh when you make mistakes, everyone does.
Do not act like someone you think that he would like instead of being yourself. Imagine if someone were acting in a certain way to please you, would you like that? Probably not.

, Enjoy laughing and hanging out with other people in his company. Showing him that you are fun, independent and have your own friends is important to establish.

This will show him that friends are important to you and will help him see what you are in like with other people.
It could make him a little jealous (in a good way) and maybe he’ll want to hang out with you more than before.

, If you don’t have a social media account and he is active on social media, get an account. Like or retweet something that he has posted. If you are both on your social media, this could be a good way to start talking. Liking and retweeting things he posts on his social media can help build up your friendship and give you an idea of the things he likes. Also, liking his posts will help you to know what is going on with him.

After liking a couple of things that he has posted, you should write a comment on a post or send him a message.
Do not like everything he posts. Choose one or two things that you genuinely like, and space out the time between your likes to every few days. If you send too much attention to him, it may come off like you are trying too hard or creepy.

, If you have been liking or commenting on his posts, post things that shows him what you are into. He should see your interests just as much as you should see his. For example, share beautiful or interesting pictures that you have taken, or find funny gifs, pictures or quotes from the internet which you can post along with a comment about why you like it.

For example, if he writes a lot of posts about bands he likes and there is a band you both like, you can post one of the band’s music videos or the lyrics from one of their songs with a comment about why you like it.
Stay true to yourself. Only post things that you genuinely like and are a part of who you are. It can come off fake if you are posting about things you haven’t shown any interest in before.

, You should make a comment on a post that he writes early after it has been posted. If you write the comment early, he will be more likely to respond. Consider praising the post, asking a question about it, or commenting about something you find interesting. For example, if he writes a post about going to a show of the band you like, you can respond by saying, “I am so jealous you got to see them! Did you think they were good live?”.

Avoid commenting too often. Make sure to space out your comments.

, If he seems distant or aloof and isn’t responding to you much, he may not be interested. Luckily, there will be other guys who will want to talk to you and who you can have a great connection with. Instead of thinking about the interaction with this guy as a failure, think about the interactions you have had with him as good practice for having a conversation with another guy down the road.

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