How to Get a Good Looking Girl to Notice You



Make sure you like her before you try to get her to notice you.,
Try to sit near her in class.,
Have your friends sit near you too.,
Make sure you laugh a lot with your friend.,
Don’t be over the top though.,
Stand up for what you believe in.,
When you’re doing something difficult like math, just ask her how to do it.,
Complain to your friend loudly about having to do a job at home where she might hear.,
If you’ve got a skill, use it with your friend but not too loudly.,
Just have a conversation with her.,
Start to talk to her often.

If she wants to talk on a social networking site, talk.

Don’t ask her out unless you are 110% that she likes you.,
Try not to look to like you’re trying to hard.,
If she asks you though GO FOR IT!,
Try to compliment her, it may seem weird at first but compliments turn girls on so badly.

Tell her a secret that your friends don’t know.,
If you have one, point out negatives about a current girlfriend you may have.

If she can hear you, start up a conversation to your friends about her.,
Ask her questions about herself.,
If one of her friends loves you or thinks your cute, 99.9% she will too.

Just ask her!,
Smell nice.,
She probably won’t ask you out, just go for it in private, and no girl will spread around that you asked her if she says no.

Because, you might end up having a relationship which is a very good bonus.;
, Not necessarily on her table but the opposite table or something like that.

, Although don’t have a friend that will attract all the attention away from you

, It will boost your confidence and will make her look.

, She will be very put off by this.

, Don’t just follow the crowd.

, Girls usually love to give advice and it makes them feel special.

, Girls like men who actually do things not just watch TV.

, Only so she can hear.

, It can be about anything like homework or friends ETC.

,,, It will ruin your friendship.

, Try to look approachable.


,, If she tells them, she is not interested.

,, She will stop you if she isn’t interested

, She finds this less weird than you will.

,, Remember, if it’s meant to be, it’ll be.

, Apply light deodorant or perfume so she has to get close to you to smell it.


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