How to Get a Girl to Notice You



Show her you have a sense of humor.,
Be confident in yourself.,
Be attentive.,
Display good manners.,
Show passion for the things you are interested in.,
Let her know that you have emotional depth.

Everyone loves to laugh. Humor is a great way to get (and keep) a girl’s attention, so long as it is the right sort of humor. While this might not apply to some girls, most girls are generally a little turned off by crude or mean humor. Of course, being funny doesn’t mean that you need to transform yourself into the next Chris Pratt, but throwing some humor into a conversation can definitely catch a girl’s attention. If you’re not a natural-born comedian, here are some tips on creating your style of humor:Don’t wait for the girl to laugh. Quick, witty humor that seems unassuming is a good way to go–if she thinks you’re funny, she’ll laugh. However, never draw attention to the fact if she doesn’t laugh–that will just make the situation awkward, and you a little desperate. (Example: Don’t say something like “Oh so you didn’t think that was funny?”)
Find some inspiration in famous comedians. If you feel like you need a little help getting into the comedic mood, watch comedians on TV or pay attention to the funny characters in movies. Watch how they deliver their jokes, but don’t memorize their jokes and simply repeat them (that could come across as rather stiff).
Use situational humors. While dishing out witty one-liners can make a girl laugh, try commenting on your situation or environment in a funny way.
Don’t pick on the girl you’re interested in. While teasing may be funny at first, don’t rely on it as your only source of humor because that can definitely get old. If you find that teasing is something you’re pretty good at–tease yourself. Self-deprecating humor can be funny and will show the girl that you are confident enough in yourself that you can make fun of your own flaws.

, Confidence is a very attractive quality. Feel good about yourself because you are an awesome dude–your inner confidence will shine through and your girl will notice. Walk with your head held high, volunteer interesting information, and don’t hesitate when walking up to the girl you like–just do it. Having confidence also means laughing at yourself and not getting in a huff when the girl you like has other plans or talks to another guy.

Being confident does not mean that you should act cocky. There is a fine line between being confident and being a self-involved jerk. When you are confident, you have faith in your abilities without holding that over others. When you’re cocky, you brag about how awesome you are. Avoid the latter. Girls are attractive to guys who are confident without telling everyone around them how great they are, constantly.

, When you are talking to the girl you like, give her your undivided attention. Listen carefully to what she has to say–you may learn something you didn’t know about her, or find that you both have mutual interests, dreams, or ideas.

Ask her about herself. Not only will this show that you care, it will also give you information you can use to woo her later. Any questions that are sincere and respectfully asked are fair game–find out what movies she likes, what her dreams are, what her favorite meal is, etc.
Give her time to answer. Don’t interrupt her a lot when she’s speaking–you asked the question so you should give her time to speak her mind. Plus, the fact that she wants to talk to you is a really good thing–don’t cut it short.

, When you’re getting to know a girl, it is important to be polite. After all–a lot of girls feel like chivalry is dead. Show her that this is not the case. Open doors for her, offer to help her carry her stuff, etc. Avoid offensive behavior (sexist/racist/derogatory jokes are definitely off the table–but you shouldn’t be saying that kind of stuff anyway).

, If you are really interested in something, show it. When you throw yourself into something you are really passionate about, it is pretty obvious (and attractive)–it shows that you care about something outside of yourself, and that you are dedicated. Try to be the best you can be–you’re sure to catch you girl’s attention.

Don’t be embarrassed about what you are passionate about. If you are enthusiastic, confident, and happy, people will become interested in what you are into (or at least respect your interests). If you are crazy about hiking, pick a hike that is gorgeous (and relatively easy) to take your non-hiking friends (and the girl you like) on–they’ll be sure to have fun.

, This doesn’t mean that you need to sob like a baby when a sad topic gets mentioned, but you should allow some of your feelings to show. This means that you might need to say something like “When I watched The Notebook, I kept thinking about how hard it must be to have a loved one with Alzheimer’s. It made me feel so sad for people experiencing that disease”. Saying things like this (and meaning them) will show the girl you like that you have a deeper side.

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