How to Get a Crush’s, Boyfriend’s, or Girlfriend’s Email



Calm yourself before going up to the person.,
Approach them and ask for their email.,
Dont overreact if they don’t exchange emails with you.,
Give him/her your email if they say yes.

Pull yourself together so that you have the guts to ask your crush what his/her email is. Take a deep breath in, count to 5, and exhale, this will help relax yourself. Play out the situation in your head and think about what you want to say.;
, To get their email you have to find them first. Look for them in places they usually go to. After you’ve spotted your boyfriend, crush, or girlfriend walk over casually and strike a conversation, don’t walk up to them and ask for their email right away then leave, as this will only seem rude. Once he or she is about to leave, suggest trading emails.

, Just drop it if he or she says that they do not have an email address or if they decline your offer. If they say no, be cool about it and don’t bug them about it in the future.

, Make sure the person confirms they do have an email address, and don’t be too anxious about sending an email to them, however don’t email them the day you trade emails as you may seem desperate to the person.

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