How to Get a Crush’s, Boyfriend’s, or Girlfriend’s Email



Get together two or three of your friends in a class that you all (including your crush) have together.,
Begin to talk and trade emails.,
If done correctly your crush will come to see what you’re doing.,
Explain to him/her that you are trading emails.,
Have one of your friends invite him/her to swap his/hers email also.,
He/she should now be giving everyone, including you, his/her email.,
When you get home that day enter his/her email into your address book.

Send him/her and all of your friends who were “swapping” emails a “test email”.,
If he/she emails you back, great!,
If you don’t get a reply, don’t worry!

Tell them about you plan to get you crush, boyfriend, or, girlfriends email.

, All 3-4 of you get some paper and start “swapping” emails, obviously you would already have your friend’s emails, you’re only doing this to get their attention.

, Try to talk and laugh really loud (not too loud you’ll look obnoxious) this will make him/her curious and they may come over to your group of friends.

, Even though it may be scary to talk to your crush, boyfriend, or girlfriend, try to sound confident and have a nice smile on your face when talking to them.

, You could also ask them yourself if you’re comfortable asking.

, Write their email in your notes so you won’t forget, they may not give you their email again if you ask a second time.

,, Say something like “Just a test email, reply if you get this.”

, You now have them hooked. Reply saying something along the lines of “Hi, how was your weekend?” (note:only ask this if it’s Monday or Tuesday, otherwise it just seems odd).

, Have one of your friends casually ask him/her “Hey, did you get -insert you name here-‘s test email?” He/she should then that afternoon check their email and reply to you. Understand that your crush, boyfriend, girlfriend, has other things to do and can’t text you all day long.

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