How to Get a Cat Sitter when You Leave Town



Search for kennels in your area.,
Ask your vet or groomer if they board cats.,
Take a tour of the boarding facility.

Although most cats prefer to remain in their home environment, you could also board your cat at a kennel while on vacation. Search online for local kennels, pet hotels, or catteries in your area., In some instances, veterinary offices and groomers will also offer boarding for cats. In order to determine if your vet or groomer will board, ask them personally, or search their website for boarding options.

, Kennels vary vastly in terms of cleanliness, environment, and care practices. Before you leave your cat at a kennel or boarding facility, make sure you take a tour. Drop in unexpected and ask to see the facilities. This will allow you to get a good idea of the environment.If the cat is going to remain in a cage the entire time, you may want to consider other care options.

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