How to Get a Boy to Like You (Teens)



Be funny.,
Be clean and healthy.,
Try to be cool and popular.,
Dress nicely.,
Know your best features.,
Be confident.,
Forgive and forget, don’t remind!,
When you’re trying to get a guy to like you, you shouldn’t act jealous, that’s a major turn off.,
Never feel that you need to change for a guy!

Relationship experts have proven that smiling is the easiest way to say “I’m interested” or that you are easy to approach. Guys love a great smile.;
, Don’t be a phony funny, be genuine. Guys are attracted to girls that have a ‘funny bone’. Being funny doesn’t mean laughing at everything, or acting dumb, cause that is just a turn off to guys. Instead, joke around, and/or tell funny stories that happened to you or a friend.

, If you have blemishes or large pores help them go down by washing your face with warm water and soap, finishing with cold water to close pores. Eat lots of fruits and veggies. Get rid of all junk food, cause all it is doing is ruining your insides and outsides. Make sure you drink 8 glasses of water every day! This will flush out(Get rid) of toxins inside your body. Take showers everyday and brush your teeth. Brushing your teeth will also let him be able to come up to you without holding his breath.

, Have lots of friends. Guys like when girls have friends, that way they know you are approachable and friendly.

, Wearing something cute and flirty is what most guys are attracted to. Maybe a skirt with a flouncy shirt and some cute flats with a headband That is sure to grab his attention.

, Wearing makeup is something a lot of girls may choose to do. You don’t have to, all it does is accentuates things. Guys usually prefer girls to wear simple things like blush and lip gloss. If you have blemishes you can cover them with concealer or a powder. Eyeliner is good for showing off the depth and angles of your eyes. Blush is good for showing off and accentuating your cheek bones. Lip gloss is just for some extra sparkle.

, Sometimes it’s hard to feel confident on things like bad hair days, but every guy likes his girl to keep her head held high, and not worry about what others are saying, as long as you stay true to yourself. If you are having, say, a bad hair day, then just forget about hair and wear an extremely cute outfit, or makeup look, or vice versa. Also, don’t be afraid to speak your mind (but don’t be rude or snotty).

, Most guys hate when they do something wrong, so if he happens to say something about you or do something wrong, but he apologizes, then you should forgive him. But if he constantly does it, you have the right to not forgive him. Also, if a guy did something wrong awhile ago, don’t bring it up again! That makes guys cringe and it’s a huge turn off.

, If you are trying to make him jealous with another guy you need to be subtle and not to clingy. Guys will chase after you, if they really want you. So, making him a little jealous can’t hurt anyone.

, You’re not going to marry him, you’re only a teenager. So never change for a guy. Make sure he is the right guy for you and if not move on.

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