How to Get a Boy to Kiss You



Tilt your head.,
Close your eyes.,
Be gentle.,
Hold him close.,
Keep it short and sweet.,
Compliment him again.

It’s important to get your kissing technique right for the first kiss. Start by slightly tilting your head to one side, just enough to ensure your noses don’t crash. Tilt in the opposite direction to him – if he goes right, you go left.

If he’s taller than you, you should also tilt your head upwards slightly to make sure he can easily reach your lips.
Just don’t tilt your head too much, or it’ll look like you have a crick in your neck.

, Closing your eyes when kissing makes it a much more romantic and sensory experience. However, you shouldn’t close your eyes until you’re sure you know exactly where you’re going – if you close your eyes too soon you may end up kissing his nose or chin! Try to keep your eyes closed for the duration of the kiss – if you open your eyes and he opens his it can be a little creepy and might ruin the moment.

Sometimes closing your eyes will come naturally, but other times you will have to remind yourself.
Leave your eyes closed for a second when you pull apart, then smile gently and open.

, Don’t be an aggressive kisser, at least not for the first kiss. Your first kiss with a guy should be soft and slow – you want to avoid the washing-machine effect. Try not to pucker your lips, rather work your bottom lip in a slight up-and-down motion. Remember to breath through your nose and try to stay relaxed!

There’s no pressure to French kiss first time round, but if you do you should try gently massaging his tongue with your own.
If you’re still unsure, just try to follow his lead.

, Make the kiss more intimate by putting your hands on his shoulders, in his hair or around his neck. Keep your bodies as close as you feel comfortable with. If he wraps his hands around your waist or cups your face in his hands, he’s definitely into it.

, The first kiss shouldn’t wear out his jaw, you should always leave him wanting more. Try to keep it around the 20 second mark – long enough to get into it, but short enough that he’ll be eager to do it again. Don’t be afraid to pull away if you’re not into it or if it’s going somewhere you’re not comfortable with.

, Remember that he was probably as nervous about kissing you as you were about kissing him, so once you’ve pulled away, ease his nerves by smiling and confirming that you enjoyed the kiss. Just say something simple like “that was fun” or “you’re a great kisser.” He’ll feel happy and relieved, while also feeling much more confident about leaning in for round two. Now you have him exactly where you want him!

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