How to Get a Blood Sample from a Trained Dolphin



Walk onto the platform, with food bucket in hand for positive reinforcement.,
Walk to about 5 inches (12.7 cm) from the edge of the platform, still directly in front of the dolphin, and kneel down.,
With the dolphin still at the station, place your right hand gently on the dolphin’s rostrum (nose).

With the hand that is on the dolphins’ rostrum, gently push towards dolphin, as if pushing the dolphin’s head away from you.,
Gently grab onto its flukes and place into your lap, allowing the dolphin to relax and feel comfortable.

You should point at the dolphin and point lead the dolphin to a station directly in front of you.;
, Maintain eye contact and stationing behavior of dolphin at all times.

,, At this point, the dolphin will lay backwards and present its flukes (tail) for you.

, If dolphin does not present its tail correctly, complete a Least Reinforcing Stimulus (LRS) by waiting three seconds and ignoring the dolphin. Then try the hand maneuvers again. If the dolphin layout is requested three times and not done properly, stop sample behavior and move on; try the sample later in the day, or next day.

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