How to Get a Blood Sample from a Trained Dolphin



Kneel down next to the trainer on the side that sample will be taken from.

Run a finger along the dark line in the fluke; this is the main blood vessel.,
Repeat swab procedure for a second time.

Get a needle with a capsule for the sample out from kit and insert the tip of the needle into the vein.

Draw the sample.,
Rub the injection site with a new alcohol swab to clean the area.

Stand up and walk away from the trainer and dolphin, with the entire blood sample kit.

Finish up.

You can begin the sample procedure once dolphin is in position and fully relaxed, no tense flukes. Make sure that the entire blood sample kit is present with you.

,, Once sample spot is found, rub three times, in a circular motion, with an alcohol swab.


Once the needle is inserted, pull back the top of the needle (plunger portion) to draw blood inside of the capsule.
Once capsule is full, remove the needle and place the sample back into the kit.

,,, After the procedure, tap twice with your hand on the dolphins’ fluke to signal the end of the sample taking and that the dolphin can return to its normal stationing position. If the procedure went well, reward the dolphin with reinforcement, i.e., food, toys, rub down, play, etc.

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