How to Gain Your Bird’s Trust



Spend time around your bird.,
Learn your bird’s body language.,
Give your bird treats.,
Let your bird out of the cage.

Birds are social creatures that need to spend time with you or other birds. However, if your bird is new to you it may not trust you enough to be comfortable around you. By spending as much time as you can with your bird you will help it to relax and feel that it can trust you.Try reading a book or some other calm or quiet activity near your birds cage.
Gently and quietly speak to your bird to allow it to get used to your voice.
Birds need social interaction to be happy.;
, Even though some birds can mimic human speech it will communicate through their body language. Learning how your bird communicates with its movements will help you realize when your bird is feeling comfortable and when it’s nervous. If your bird is showing signs of being nervous, take a break and try bonding some other time.

Birds will hiss and spread their tail feathers if annoyed.It may also back into a corner, sway their body, puff out their feathers or put their crest feather down.
Birds may lower their head, tucking it in. This is usually a sign it are comfortable and want you to give it a head scratch.

, Food can be a great reward for good behavior and a way to build trust. If you bird is being brave or showing good behavior, try giving it a treat to make it feel even more comfortable around you. Try to find out which foods your bird likes the most. Offer many treats and see what it enjoy.
Birds should eat fruit, vegetables and seeds.

, Once your bird has had some time to become comfortable in your home or in a new environment you can try to let it out of their cage. Letting it out of the cage can help it feel more comfortable in your home and around you, building the amount of trust it feels.Hold some food in your hand near the open cage door.
Don’t make eye contact as this can make your bird feel nervous.
Don’t force your bird out of the cage. Let the bird come out on its own.
You may want to have your bird’s feathers clipped to prevent it from flying into a window or wall.
Spending too much time in the cage can make your bird nervous about leaving it.

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