How to Gain Your Bird’s Trust



Avoid forcing your bird into doing something.,
Don’t hit or yell at your bird.,
Avoid tricking your bird.,
Take a break if your bird is upset.

Pet birds have their own will and you will need to have patience and work with it. Never force your bird into doing anything that it seems uncomfortable or upset doing. Forcing your bird will only cause distrust and fear to develop between you.Forcing your bird into doing something can result in you being bitten.

, No matter how frustrated you may feel with your bird you can never hit or yell at it. Birds will absolutely not respond to hitting or yelling and doing so will only destroy any sense of trust in your relationship. Always be kind and patient when working with your bird in order to maintain trust., In order to maintain trust between you and your pet bird you will need to always be “honest” with it. Tricking it into thinking it is about to do one thing and then having it do another can destroy trust. Always keep your commands consistent and clear when engaging with your bird., Spending time with your pet bird can be a lot of fun for both of you. However, your bird might get tired or cranky for any number of reasons. If your bird starts to display signs of discomfort or annoyance it should return their cage immediately. Give it some time to rest in their cage before resuming any direct interaction again.

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