How to Gain Your Bird’s Trust



Let the bird sit on your hand.,
Bring your other hand up to the bird.,
Reward the bird for stepping up.,
Practice often.

The first step when teaching your bird the step-up command is letting it out of the cage and having it sit on a hand. After it sits on your hand you will be able to use your other hand to start teaching it how to step up.Once your bird steps out of the cage, offer your hand to it as a platform.
Move slowly and make sure your bird stays comfortable.

, The aim of the step up command is to have your bird step from one hand to the other. To do this you will need to bring your other hand up to the bird, offering a new platform for it to move up to. Keep some of the following tips in mind as you work with your bird:If your bird bites, move your hand in from underneath the bird.
Bring your hand up to the area just above where your bird’s legs meet its body.
Keep your hand flat and level.

, Whenever your bird steps up successfully you can offer it a reward. Giving your bird a tasty treat will help it understand that stepping up onto your other hand will result in rewards. Always offer a reward when training your bird to step-up in order to get the best results.Try to give your bird their favorite treat as a reward.
Many birds love fresh vegetables, fruits, or seeds.

, Without enough training your bird may forget the step-up command or never properly learn it in the first place. Whenever your bird is feeling comfortable you should try working with it, spending time with it, and reinforcing the step-up command to build even more trust.

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