How to Forget About a Girl You Love Who Has a Boyfriend



Try to find someone else that you like.,
Don’t listen to any slow songs or love songs… you will just miss her more.

If you are friends with her, make it clear to yourself that friendship is all she wants.,
Be sensitive to her, but not overly.,
There are other women, who will accept you!,
Go out and have some fun.,
Don’t cry over a girl who doesn’t like you.

Do not let yourself think that you’re not attractive, or that you will never find someone better.,
If she has a Myspace, Facebook, etc, avoid her page.,
Don’t have her within your top 5/10/etc, unless you are practically best friends.,
Try not to look at her.

If you start to think about her, then think about someone else.

Don’t call or IM her a lot.,
Unless you have a legit reason, just don’t call/text her.

Don’t look at her as the most important person in your life.

Say no to her once in a while.

If you are a student: Forget her because it could affect your mental health, which will directly affect your exams.,
There are billions of women in the world, one tiny fish in the sea is not going to make your life worse, you have to be confident in your self and realize that you have the guts to move on.

Wasting your time with her is going to make your life worse, realize that she is nothing anymore.

Listen to music, go workout or run, go do a sport you can take your frustration out on ex: Wrestling, Boxing, Hockey etc.

Hang out with your guy friends (only guys) and go out and have a good time.

Don’t fight with the boyfriend.,Don’t reminisce about the old times

,Try not to get kicked out because of her

,Don’t write songs about her anymore

,Find a new best friend

Don’t go to the things that remind you of her like… Ice cream you used to buy for her, your favorite shows, things you used to do together.

Never regret yourself that you loved her .

Don’t think that you are a failure in love.,Stop thinking of what could have been, it will drive you crazy

Tell yourself she wasn’t good enough for you.

Try to stay away from your crush if you both work in the same office.

This might take a while and you shouldn’t force yourself to like someone right away. In this position of depression, you are very vulnerable to emotional attacks. Just go with the flow and avoid her. Go different ways.;
,, She has her boyfriend because she likes him!

, You’ll just be digging a deeper hole for yourself.

, Go for it. There’s plenty of fish in the sea.

, Don’t just stay at home thinking about what she’s doing with the boyfriend.

,, There is always someone better.

, Seeing her and her boyfriend there will just hurt.

, She’ll just be suspicious.

,,, That’s just not cool.

,,,, After all, your degree is more important.

,,,,, It will only make the situation between you and the girl worse. If you fight, one of you might get injured whether or not you fought. It may lead to having the authorities called and/or a restraining order, Be Careful!

,,,,,,, Maybe she’s not lucky enough to have a guy like you.

,,, If you find this difficult, consider relocating if the option is available.

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