How to Forget a Girl Who Hurt You Emotionally



Get physical distance.,
Get rid of the evidence.,
Cut off communication.,
Avoid hanging out with her friends.

Literally remove yourself from her. The more you see your ex in person the more difficult it will be to forget about her and the pain she has caused you. Find ways to change your routine so that you are not forced to confront her.

Avoid places that you know she frequents. This may include her favorite restaurants and coffee shops, or shops near where she lives.
Avoid social gatherings that you know she will be at. This will only cause unnecessary tension and cause you to obsess over the past. If you are both invited to a party or event, tell the host that you are busy. Missing a few social gatherings is worth the jealousy and frustration that you will feel if you see her again.;
, Remove any of her belongings from your room. Get rid of anything you deeply associate with her.It will only bring you unnecessary pain to hang onto any souvenirs from the relationship.

, Do not allow yourself to contact her, including through text or email. It may be tempting to engage with her at first, but this will only open up the door to more pain and conflict. The more you communicate with your ex, the harder it will be to forget her.

Consider unfriending or unfollowing her on social media. Social media allows us to paint a positive picture of our lives. Such images of her will only make you nostalgic about the relationship. If this feels too drastic, consider removing her from your news feed or phone contact list. , If you share a friend group, spend time with a new social circle.

Reconnect with the friends you had before you met her. They are friends with you outside of the context of your relationship with your ex. They will help you forge a new identity without her, and are less likely to bring her up.

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