How to Forget a Girl Who Hurt You Emotionally



Find a new goal.,
Go to the gym.,
Focus on yourself.,
Get a new hobby.,
Get some perspective.

Focus your energy and emotions toward a new goal. When you feel yourself missing your ex, redirect these feelings toward a different goal or passion. Obsessive thinking about your ex activates the same craving region in your brain as drugs and alcohol. Replace your addiction with something productive.

, Working out relieves stress. Excess stress can make you more likely to crave companionship., Being single means you have more time to think about yourself. Use this opportunity to redirect your attention back to your own needs and wants.

Think about your professional goals. This is a great time to push your personal growth at work or at school.

, If there is something you have always been interested, such as cooking or a new sport, now is the time to pick it up. It will be a great distraction from your sadness.

, See your current pain as a temporary state. With time, it will pass. Your mindset is essential to forgetting about someone. Keep a positive attitude and tell yourself that you will get over her with time. It may seem impossible to you now, but if you view it as an impossible task, you will never forget your ex.

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