How to Forget a Girl Who Hurt You Emotionally



Let yourself be sad.,
Give yourself a timeline.,
Talk it out.

Letting yourself be angry and frustrated for a short time can help you cleanse your system and it will be easier to forget her.

, Allow yourself to be upset for a set amount of time and then refrain from indulging anymore. Be disciplined with this timeline.

Try starting with one week. During this week allow yourself to cry, get angry, listen to sad music, or do whatever rituals you feel necessary to your healing. When that one week is up commit to moving forward.
Don’t panic if you find yourself thinking about her. If you try to forbid yourself from thinking about her, you will only think about her more. This is called the “white bear effect.”If you think about her, accept the thought, and then let it go.

, Talk to a family member or good friend about your feelings. Vent about her so that you no longer fixate on the pain.

Write out your feelings in a journal. Writing is a good way to come to terms with a subject so that you stop thinking about it.
After you have allowed yourself to vent about her, don’t bring her up again. Avoid talking about her and try to move quickly from the topic if someone asks you about her.

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