How to Fix a Broken Heart



Let your emotions loose.,
Don’t force yourself to be social.,
Take time to think about your relationship.

There’s no shame in having a broken heart. If you hold back your feelings, your grieving period will last longer and you’ll feel worse. In the beginning, it’s okay to be honest and open about your feelings.

When you’re alone, cry as much as you want to. Try not to cry too much in public, but if you can’t help it, don’t be embarrassed.
Be honest with your friends and family by telling them you’re having a rough time. There’s no point in being in denial about how awful you feel.
Write all of your sad thoughts in your journal. You’ll feel better after getting them off your chest.
It’s okay to be honest about your emotions to yourself and the people who care the most about you, but do not take your grief to social media. Don’t post on your Facebook or Twitter account about how sad you are or how awful you feel after your breakup. Telling people you barely know about your deepest feelings will embarrass them and you, and this will be something you deeply regret in the future.

Making time for mourning means not seeing your ex. Don’t try to prove how tough or “okay with it” you are by having a weekly dinner with your ex, or texting your ex when something reminds you of him or her. Unless you live together or need to be in contact for logistical reasons, such as getting your stuff back from his or her apartment, cut off contact as much as you can. This will help you heal much quicker. You can try to be friends with your ex when you’re ready, but it won’t always work.;
, If you’ve had a really devastating break-up, you don’t have to force yourself to go out every night right afterwards. Making yourself go out into the world and interact with your friends, or even strangers, before you’re truly ready will only make your pain worse. Here’s what to do:

If you don’t feel like going to big, loud parties for a little while, stay at home and do something fun there instead.
If you and your ex run in the same circles, try to avoid any events that he might be attending for a while unless you really think you can act cool about it.
Avoid excessive social drinking. If you are out, it may not be the best time to drink heavily. This will bring your emotions to the surface and you may be having a public outburst.
While you don’t have to be social, make sure not to isolate yourself. Make time to invite your best friend over for a movie, talk to your parents on the phone, or email with your closest friend who lives across the country.

, After the first week or two, once you’re starting to get your thoughts together, it’s time to reflect on the relationship and on the person who broke your heart. Here’s what to do:

Write down all of the positive things you gained from the relationship, such as a higher self-confidence, a love for hiking, and a better ability to communicate.
Write down the negative things about your relationship. Maybe your relationship kept you from concentrating on your friendships, or you spend too much time thinking about your significant other instead of yourself.
Write down the qualities of the person who broke your heart. Recognize that the person has great traits but is a flawed human being. The more negative qualities you can generate, the better.
Write down all the other times when you’ve felt like you could possibly never love again, only to find that you found an even stronger, deeper love the next time. Don’t worry if this is the first time you’ve felt this way.

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