How to Fix a Broken Heart



Spend time with your family.,
Spend time with your close friends.,
Get back in touch with long-lost friends.

Once you’ve given yourself enough time to mourn your relationship, it’s time to slowly ease back into the world. Your family members should be some of the most accepting and loving people in your life, and they will be for you when you’re trying to fix your broken heart. Here’s what to do:

Try to see your family as much as you can. If your family members live far away, this could be a good time to take a week-long vacation to see them.
If can’t see your family members, talk to them. Let them know how you’re feeling and let them comfort you.
If there’s something you used to love doing with your family, such as baking pies or watching football on Sundays, pick that up again if you can.
Ask your family members for advice. Though your family members may love you so much that they may say anything to make you feel better, ask them about how to deal with a broken heart.

, Though your family may have known you the longest, your close friends may have the best understanding of you and your relationship. They’ve probably met your significant other, have heard you discuss your problems, and have a helpful perspective. Here’s how to do it:

Once you feel up to it, try to hang out with your close friends as often as you can. Even if you feel like you’re being a drag, your close friends will make you laugh and will take your mind off of your recent heartbreak.
Use this as an opportunity to take the fun friend trip you and your friends have been talking about forever. Whether you’re flying to Mexico or just driving to a new beach, sometimes a change of scenery with your closest friends can help you feel less broken.
Just be plain silly. Invite your friends to an 80s-themed sleepover or a dance party.
Just don’t forget that your friends have their limits and their patience can wear thin. If you spend all of your time together whining and crying about your broken heart, they may not pick up the next time you call.
Hanging out with your closest friends will help the healing process, but try to avoid hanging out with too many couples. Even if your couple friends make a point of not being extra lovey around you, you may still feel left out and even more alone if you’re surrounded by people who are in love.
You can talk to your friends about your breakup, but stop when you’ve gone over the same scenario so many times that you’re not getting anywhere and it’s making you sick. This can actually make you feel worse.

, If you were in a committed relationship for a long time, then chances are that you left a few friends by the wayside because you didn’t have enough time to pursue your relationship along with so many friendships. Here’s what you can do:

If you found out that an old friend from high school or college just moved into your neighborhood, don’t be afraid to get in touch. You can reconnect and find that your relationship is even stronger than ever.
If you stopped talking to a close friend a while after she moved away from you, use this time to call her up and see how she’s doing. You will find that you’ve missed many things about your relationship.
If one of your old friends moved abroad, write him or her a letter. This will help you reconnect and reflect in the process.

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