How to Find Out Where Your Crush Lives



Look at their locations.,
Check a directory.,
Look up your crush’s parents.

Various social media applications allow you to tag your location, so there’s a chance your crush might have tagged their home.

Look at Instagram maps.Instagram allows you to tag your location, so go to their profile and check their maps for the places they’ve taken the most pictures. Start with the selfies, as these are likely to have been taken at their home.
Check out their pictures. If you live in a smaller town, see if you notice any familiar landmarks. If your crush has a picture with their house in the background, look closely to see if you recognize it.
See where they’ve checked in. Look at their Facebook to see if they use apps like Foursquare.This probably won’t lead you to their address. However, by seeing the places they frequent, you might get an idea of the area of your city that they live in.

, School or church directories often list the contact information of their members. These may be digital or physical directories. Look for them by their last name.

, This will make it easier to find out where your crush lives. Use online and physical phone books.If you don’t know the full names of your crush’s parents, look on Facebook. Chances are that you kind find them by looking for people with the same last name as your crush in their friends list.

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