How to Find Out Where Your Crush Lives



Use an invitation to get their address.,
Find out their mode of transportation.,
Sneak a peak at their driver’s license.,
Offer to pick them up.

This is perfect if you’re having a birthday soon. Throw a party, and tell everyone that you want their addresses so that you can send fun paper invitations with all the party details.

Send a group message to all your party invites asking for their addresses.It will take the pressure off of asking your crush specifically. Even if you don’t have your crush’s phone number, you can easily add them to a Facebook group message. Let everyone know they can send you their address in a personal message to keep it private. If your crush doesn’t give you their address, this could be a sign that they’re not interested.
Get a friend to ask. If you’re really nervous about asking for addresses, have a friend handle your party invites for you as your present. That way, they can get your crush’s address, and it won’t be awkward for you.

, If your crush doesn’t drive their own car, whether they take the city bus, a school bus, or a train home from school could tell you what area they live in.

Ask a friend if they’ve noticed how your crush leaves school.
If you can, indirectly ask your crush how they get home. Say something like, “Oh, do you take the bus?” If they don’t, they’ll probably tell you how they do get home. Maybe follow up by asking how long it takes them to get home.
If they take a city bus or train, you can look up the line to see what direction it goes.

, If you’re both over 16, ask to see their driver’s license in a funny way. This works well if you’ve both just gotten your licenses.

First, show them how embarrassing you think your picture is and tell them the story of your driver’s test. Bonus, this gives them a chance to tell you how cute they think you are.
Then, ask to see your crush’s license. As you tease them for their picture, take a glance at their address. Make a mental note to look it up later, or pretend you are texting and make a quick note in your phone.

, If you both have mutual friends or participate in the same extracurricular activities, see if they want to ride with you to a practice or group hangout.

If they say yes, they’ll have to give you their address so that you’ll know where to pick them up.
Take two friends. If you’re not comfortable asking your crush if they want to carpool alone with you, frame your invite like this: “Hey Jessica! My friends Steve, Ally, and I are carpooling to the event together tomorrow! We have one extra seat. Want to come with?” This works best with an event or practice that you already know your crush is planning to attend.

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