How to Find out More About Your Crush



Find out his/her name.,
If you guys go for the same extra curricular activity e.g.,
The next step is finding out the background things, such as his/her friends.,
You could be close to where he/she is standing and casually talk with your friends while he/she talks to theirs.,
If he/she has a social networking site e.g.,
Google their full name.,
If you know his parent’s names, go to WhitePages on the internet and search.,
Never pretend you are someone else and start a fake conversation because you can always stuff up.

Not just first name, but full name. This will help you later. Do not just go up to him/her and randomly ask, try to get around very sneakily. You can casually ask a friend and giggle/discuss about him/her together, or you could pay attention (you can do this even when you act like you don’t care) to when someone says his/her name. If you and your crush go to the same school etc.. check the roll as casually as you can.;
, scouts, glance at any forms he/she hands in to see what his/her name is.

, This can give a clue to the type of person he/she is. If they hang out with the ‘popular’ people, then you know that your crush is also the ‘popular’ type. (That is just an example).

, Focus on your conversation but at the same time catch little snippets of what your crush and friends are talking about. For instance, if you hear your crush say that they love Facebook, and limit themselves to half an hour a day, go on whenever they say they are usually on and send them a friend request – most likely, they will accept it!Image:Find out More About Your Crush Step 4.jpg|center]], facebook, Myspace etc. perfect! Go to his/her profile, scroll down to as far as you can down their wall and see the comments they make. If its facebook you can check out their pics as well. Also check out their friends’ pics because friends tend to put photos up and forget to tag them! Remember, never talk about facebook conversations to your crush that he/she participated in with their friends. This will only make you look like a stalker!

, Check out the links. This can tell quite a bit about your crush.

, This will give you his/her address and phone number. Use the address and go to Google Maps. This will tell you where he/she lives. You can also compare this to where you live. If your crush lives not far, you can casually walk down their street daily and hope they notice you! If they do, just say hi. Only continue a conversation if they start it. The phone number can be useful in different situations.


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