How to Find Out if You Are Infatuated



Love yourself first.,
Complement the other person.,
Act out your love.,
Play on a team together.

Love and infatuation are two different things. Love involves commitment and compatibility. Before you can find this kind of love, even in someone you are infatuated with, you should learn to love yourself. Loving yourself means that you do not have to look for love or affirmation in someone else to feel good about yourself. You know that you are worth loving. You are not looking for a partner to make you complete, because you are already enough.

If you do not love yourself and need to heal from something, you may want to try to sort through it on your own before you get into a serious relationship. Consider seeing a therapist who can teach you how to take steps toward healthy self love. , If you love someone, you work to support their passions and strengths. You also acknowledge and accept the weaknesses of that person. Love does not ignore the other person’s flaws, but works to help that person grow and work through their problems.

Make sure the other person complements you as well. Before you commit to a long-term relationship, find someone who challenges and brings out the best in you.

, Real love looks for opportunities to do things for the person they love. The more shared positive experiences and hard work that the people in the relationship can share, the stronger the attachment, security and trust that will be built into that relationship.

Do small things for your partner. Wash your partners dishes, leave a note for your partner, or buy them their favorite candy.
Do big things for and with your partner. Take off the weekend to do something special together, plan a birthday party for your partner, or take a class together. Do things that require more time, effort and love.

, This means that you both are focused on making things work for your relationship. You don’t work for your own wants or needs, instead you focus on the good of your shared life. For example, instead of watching your favorite TV show alone, rent a movie and buy popcorn. Spend the evening enjoying each other and having real conversations.

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