How to Find Out if Someone Has a Crush on You



Find out what that person says about you to friends.,
Ask your friends what they think.,
Be direct and ask him.

If he is talking highly of you around his friends or family, or brings your name up whenever he gets a chance, he may have a crush on you. It shows you are always on his mind, and he can’t help but to talk about you. If you have the opportunity, try asking his friends questions about what he says when you are not around. Here is a way you could ask:

“Do you know if he is dating anyone? I never hear him say anything, and I am just curious.”

, Your friends are great resources to turn to because they may have noticed or heard things you have not. Ask them if they have seen him give you any lustful glares, or if he talks about you when you are not around. Your friends should give you the honest truth.

“Do you know if he likes anyone? Have you heard anything about who he is into?”
“Have you noticed him acting different around me? Do you think he treats me like a friend or something more?”

, One of the best ways to find out how someone is feeling is to muster up the courage and ask. It can be a difficult thing to do, for both of you, but it is the only way you will know for sure. Here are a couple ways you can ask:

“Hey, I have been wondering something lately. Do you like me more than a friend?”
If you like him back, you could say, “I have been wanting to talk to you about something. I have a crush on you, and I was wondering if you feel the same way?”

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