How to Find out if He Likes You



Be confident.,
Signal your interest with body language.,
Practice what to say at home.,
Ask him out.

Research shows that both men and women who are confident — meaning they know who they are and are comfortable with themselves — are usually considered more attractive by others.Be yourself around your crush and try to remember that if he does like you, he likes you for who you are. (Or at least he should!)

, Just like guys do, you can signal that you’re interested in your crush with your body language. Touching your face or hair, touching or drawing attention to your neck, and maintaining eye contact with him when you chat all tell him that you’re interested., If you really want to tell him you like him, it may help to practice a couple of versions of what you want to say at home. That way, you can iron out any kinks and get over your nervousness.

, It’s a natural fear to worry about rejection, but if you’ve paid attention to how he behaves around you and you’re confident he likes you, it may pay off to be direct with him. Research shows that men actually prefer what scientists call “direct gambits,” which are honest, open, and state your intention directly.

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