How to Find out if He Likes You



Listen to whether he looks for common ground with you.,
See if he asks questions about you.,
Pay attention to how he responds to your cues.,
Notice whether he does favors for you.

Does he try to find common interests with you? For example, he may ask questions about what music you like or what TV you watch, or he might make comments like “Oh, I love pineapple pizza too!” when you’re chatting. If so, he may be trying to express that he’s interested in you., Does he ask what you’re interested in? Has he asked you if you have a boyfriend? He may also ask your friends questions about you, so checking in with them may help you decide whether he’s into you.

, For example, if you say something about how another guy (not him) is hot or good-looking and he speaks up, he may be showing you that he’s a little jealous.

, If he offers you a ride home or brings you coffee or a snack without you asking, he may be expressing his interest in you.

Pay attention, though: if he also offers favors to everyone else, he may just be a friendly guy.

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