How to Find Out if a Good Friend Is Crushing on You



See if your friend is suddenly interested in your romantic life.,
See if your friend has hinted that they want to date you.,
See if your friend has been complimenting you a lot more.

If your good friend has a crush on you, then they may start to suddenly be curious about who you’re dating. If they never cared about who you were dating before but are suddenly showing interest in who you’re dating and asking lots of questions about it, chances are that they wish you were dating them instead.

If your friend asks how your dates went all the time when they never used to care, then they may have a crush on you.
If your friend always asks, “Do you think it’s serious?” or “Do you really like them?” after you go on a date with a person, then they may just be nervous that you’re going to get attached to someone else.
If your friend gently puts down any person you date or even says “They’re not good enough for you,” then they might think that they’re the one for you instead.
Another sign that your friend is crushing on you is that while your friend used to love hearing the details of your dating life, they’re now oddly quiet whenever it comes up. It may make them upset to hear all about the romantic life of their new crush.;
, Your friend might have even said that they want to date you and you haven’t even noticed it. Here are some ways that they could have done it:

If your friend suddenly says things like, “I really like talking to you” and they’ve never mentioned it before, they may be developing a crush.
If your friend has made a lot of comments about how much they want a partner, they may be directing this toward you.
If your friend hypothetically asks you what you think it would be like if you dated, then—duh—they’re giving you a big hint that they want to date you.

, If your friend is the type to always give elaborate compliments, then fine, but if your friend rarely praises you and is suddenly telling you that you look nice, that they like your new outfit, or even says that something about your hair or eyes, then they’re probably hinting that they want something more.

Pay attention. If your friend has never complimented you before and has suddenly started being very complimentary to only you, then it may mean that they want to take things to the next level. But if they’re suddenly complimenting every potential romantic interest in sight, then it may not mean anything.

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