How to Find Out if a Good Friend Is Crushing on You



Give your friend the perfect opportunity to tell you.,
Ask your mutual friends.,
Ask your friend’s friends.,
Ask your friend.

If you want to know whether your friend likes you or not—assuming you like your friend too—then you should give that person a chance to tell you how they feel. This is easier than asking them yourself or even sharing your own feelings if you do have them. Here’s how to give your friend the opportunity to tell you:

Isolate the person. Arrange a solo hang-out session and see if anything happens. If you’re good friends, this won’t seem like a big deal.
If you like the person, try to set up a pseudo-date. Invite the person to a slightly nicer dinner or a semi-romantic movie and see if they tell you anything afterwards.
Have a drink or two. A drink will loosen the person’s inhibition and will make them more likely to reveal their feelings.

, If you have mutual friends who have seen you together, then you can ask them if they think the person likes you. Ask the mutual friends of your gender so they’re less likely to go blabbing to your friend. See if they have any insight into your friend’s actions or if they’ve heard anything.

Ask them to be honest. If you really want to know the truth, they should tell you what they honestly think. If they don’t think your friend likes you in that way, they should say so.
If you’re shy about asking them directly, then you can mention your friend and just make an offhand comment about how they’ve been acting different lately and see if your friends mention it on their own.

, This is a more gutsy move. Asking your friend’s friends is almost the same thing as asking him if they like you themselves. If they’re crushing on you, their friends will know, but it’s not likely that said friends would tell you. You can try asking a close friend of theirs that you really, really trust, but be careful. This plan may backfire.

, If you’re feeling bold and want to know the answer to your question, then you should just ask your friend if they have a crush on you. If you’ve had the sense that they like you and have thought so for a long time, then it may be better to have things out in the open. Then again—if you don’t like your friend romantically, you may think about waiting for the whole thing to blow over. But if you do really want to know if they have a crush on you, don’t make it a big deal and just ask.

Don’t be nervous about asking. If you’re good friends, then you should be comfortable talking about anything.
Just tell your friend that you’ve noticed that they’ve been acting differently. First, ask if there’s anything they want to tell you. If they don’t take the bait, then just ask them if they like you.
Be casual. You don’t have to set up an elaborate rendezvous to ask. Just pick a private place and ask your friend how they feel about you while making eye contact and keeping your voice calm and steady.

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