How to Find Out if a Good Friend Is Crushing on You



See if your friend has started caring more about their looks around you.,
See if your friend has become jealous around you.,
See if your friend just seems to be around more often.,
See if your friend’s body language has changed.

If your friend has always dressed and looked pretty casual around you and now they look ready to go on a date every time you’re together, then something may be up. If your friend has changed the way they look around you, then they may have just started caring more about their looks, or they may want you to notice them.

If you’ve run into your friend by accident, check out how he looks. If he always seems to be dressed up, then he may have just given himself a makeover. But if he’s always looking sharp around you but casual if you run into him, then the looks may have been just for your viewing pleasure.
If your friend is a girl, see if she’s started to put on more makeup, pay more attention to her hair, or even to wear tighter or just obviously new clothes around you.
See if your friend has started checking their reflection more around you. A girl could look in her mirror, while a guy could check himself out when he passed by a window.

, This is another dead giveaway that your good friend wants to take things to the next level. If your friend has never previously cared if you’re dating someone but has started to act jealous or possessive, then they may have started crushing on you—hard.

If your friend starts being unfriendly to the people you’re casually dating, then they may like you.
If your friend asks, “What do you see in that person?” or “Why are you wasting your time with them?” then they obviously wish you were seeing them instead.
If your friend acts possessive of you in group situations and clearly tries to pull you away from people you could be romantically interested in, then they’re jealous of you.
If your friend keeps looking over at you as you talk to a potential romantic interest at a bar or a party, then they’re clearly checking to see if you’re interested in someone else.

, If you used to see your good friend once a week, and now they seem to be around almost every day, it’s a sign that they want to take things to the next level with you. If your friend takes every opportunity to hang out with you, even if it’s to go somewhere with you that has never previously appealed to them, then it may be because they have a crush on you.

If your good friend has suddenly offered to help you with your errands, homework, or anything else that feels like a chore, then they obviously just want any excuse to spend more time with you.
If your friend lives on the other side of the city but randomly pops up in your neighborhood all the time, then they obviously want to get closer to you.

, You can tell a lot about how your good friend feels about you based on their body language. If they were always affectionate and continue to be that way then it’s not much help, but if your good friend used to have very closed-off body language and is now very open toward you, then it’s saying something. Here are some ways to notice if your friend’s new body language indicates that they have a crush on you:

If your friend has started leaning in more when you talk or just standing closer to you in general, then they may have a crush on you.
If your friend used to look around distractedly but is now always making intense eye contact, then they may want something more from you.
If your friend used to cross her arms or direct their body away from you but now faces you with their body and keeps their hands at their sides or uses them to gesture, then they may have started crushing on you.
If your girl friend has started to play with her hair when she talks to you, this may be because she’s a little nervous since she realized she has a crush on you.
See if your good friend has started touching you casually more often. Even if they just started playfully shoving you or touching your forearm a lot more, it may mean that they want to connect more intimately.

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