How to Find Out if a Good Friend Is Crushing on You



See if your friend asks you to hang out solo more.,
See if your friend pays special attention to you in group situations.,
See if your friend is more shy around you.

If your friend is suddenly seizing every opportunity to hang out with you on your own, then it means that they want to take things to the next level. If before, you’ve mostly done the “group hang” thing, and now, they are asking you to go to the movies, to grab coffee, or even to have dinner, then that’s just one step away from asking you for a date.

, If before, when you hung out in groups, you were just laughing and hanging out with all of your friends equally, and now you suddenly see that your friend is always at your side, making eye contact, or playfully touching you, then it may mean that they want to be more than just friends.

Take a look at your friend next time you’re in a group situation. See if you can catch them staring at you. If they blush when you catch them, then this makes it even more likely that they may want something more from you.

, If your friend was once very open and candid about everything and is suddenly acting more modest around you, then it may mean that they are suddenly feeling more bashful in your presence because they have a big crush on you. If your friend is a guy and he stops his usual loud burping or vulgar jokes, then he may be crushing on you.

If your friend is a girl and she suddenly looks down at the floor more, or is less eager to reveal the details of her latest date, then it may be because she only wants you to be in her personal life.

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