How to Find Out if a Girl Likes You



Read her body language.,
Take note if she wants to spend time with you.,
Pay attention to her facial expressions.,
Trust your gut.

People will often express themselves through their body language. These signals can range from being obvious to subtle, requiring you to pay careful attention. Try to look out for some of the following examples of body language to determine if a girl might be interested in you or not:Standing or sitting close to you can be a sign of interest.
If she makes eye contact often and smiles or laughs a lot she might be interested in you.
Lightly touching your arms or shoulders can be a show of affection.
If she crosses her arms, looks distracted or avoids contact with you she is probably uninterested.
Some people may differ in regards to how they use their body language. These signs won’t always apply.;
, Does she always come find you at lunch? Does she stop by your locker after school? Does she regularly visit you at work? Has she taken an interest in your activities? If she makes an effort to be around you, she obviously likes spending time with you. That may not mean that she is interested in you romantically but if she treats you different than all other guys there is a good chance she is.

Many say that this is the best way to find out if someone is interested in you. Ask yourself if it seems like she wants to spend time with you. If the answer is yes, she probably likes you., If she is willing to make eye contact with you, that is a good sign to begin with. Our facial expressions are great indicators of our feelings. If the girl gives you a warm welcoming look and a smile when you see her that is definitely a sign of positive feelings. However, sometimes people might fake smiles. Learn some of the following traits of genuine smiles and fake smiles to accurately gauge interest:Genuine smiles will involve the eyes. A person who is smiling will close their eyes and should have “crows-feet” wrinkles appear.
Fake smiles will generally not involve the eyes at all. There won’t be any closing of the eyes or “crows-feet” appearing with a fake smile.
In a genuine smile, you shouldn’t be able to see the persons bottom teeth. Fake smiles will likely reveal both the top and bottom rows of teeth.

, If you think she likes you, there’s a pretty good chance she likes you.Try not to spend too much time thinking about it. It’s natural to be nervous about something like this but thinking about it constantly isn’t helping anything. Take stock of the information that you have available to you and decide on a course of action. It would be better to decide to ask her out or decide to do nothing then to keep torturing yourself.

None of these clues guarantee that she is into you, but if you’re noticing two or three of them it is probably a good sign.

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