How to Find Out if a Girl Likes You



Pay attention to how she talks and what she talks about.,
Notice interruptions.,
Look for humor.,
Notice playful behavior.,
Look out for jealousy.

A girl who is interested in you will laugh more often and her voice may rise in pitch.She might even say flirtatious things, like complimenting you on how you look today. If she is more willing to talk about personal topics with you, such as your plans for the future, she might be interested romantically.If you’re lucky, she’ll even give you helpful hints for dates like mentioning that she loves a particular band or wants to go dancing. Giving you a compliment such as “Oh I love your shirt! That band is one of my favorites.” can indicate interest.
If she asks you about what you are doing later on in the week she might be subtly asking you to spend some time with her.

, If the person is constantly interrupting you or doesn’t seem focused on the conversation then they are probably not romantically interested in you. Try to pay attention during your time together for signs that she may not be interested in you:

Interruptions are rarely a result of a girl being shy, which makes it a good indicator.
Gauge the responses you get during a conversation. For example if you were just explaining how well your garden is growing and she responds with “Uh-huh….” she is likely not interested.
Silence can be a good indicator that there isn’t a good connection.

, Some studies propose that humor is one of the best indicators of romantic interest.If you are having humorous exchanging and laughing at one another’s silly jokes, there may be a romantic spark in your relationship. Humor is a way to test the social watersand figure out if you are a good fit with the person.

For example, you might both playfully imagine a silly situation and discuss what you think would happen.
Joking around can let you know if your sense of humor is similar with hers. You might enjoy puns and she might hate them. While this may not prevent you from liking each other, it’s good to know how best to make one another laugh.

, Playful behavior can be a sign of personal interest and is also a trait that is commonly valued in potential partners. You can also show your own interest and make yourself more appealing by being light-hearted and playful when spending time together. Keep an eye out for playful behavior and try to be playful yourself to learn if a girl likes you.Playful people are more likely to be perceived as attractive by those who are not.
Both men and women find playfulness equally important and attractive.

, When a girl likes you she may display signs of jealousy when you are interacting with or talking about another girl. This can be a good sign that the girl you are with has an interest in you. Pay attention for any signs of jealousy to gauge her level of interest in you.She might respond coldly or dismissively if you compliment another girl. This may indicate jealousy.
Avoid trying to make her overly jealous. Once you notice jealousy, stop trying to bring it out in her.

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