How to Find Cat Urine With a UV Light



Buy a decent-sized UV or “fluorescent black” light.,
Search at night or in complete darkness.,
Use a sweeping motion and gradually move farther away from the generally smelly location.,
Take a look at these examples to know what you’re looking for:
This is what your stained carpet might look like under normal lighting.,
Clean the stains as you check.

Look for a long bulb (preferably longer than 12 inches) so you can cover more ground at once. Cheap bulbs with the housing included can be found at most hardware stores. Although pet stores sell the lights as well, they’re usually smaller and more expensive. They can also be purchased at a reasonable cost online, depending on how much time you have to wait around living with the odor.;
, Cat urine can be difficult to see, especially when old, so maximize your search efforts by taking advantage of darkness. Either wait for night, or make the room as dark as possible.

, The cat urine that you’re looking for should show up as a yellow/greenish color. You may be surprised to find a stain farther away than you thought. Don’t just check the floor; cats are inventive! Try the following areas:

Cloth decorations
Inside vents
Objects that appear to have “holes,” such as inside portable heaters
Clothing that your cat may be able to access
Other small areas your cat could squeeze into
Anywhere else you can think of – if you can see it, it could be your source.

Fresher urine stains will show up like this under the blacklight.
Older urine stains will be fainter under the blacklight.

, If you can, clean the spots when you find them. If you prefer, you can mark the spots using tape, item placement, etc., and clean once you’ve found them all.

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