How to Fend off a Mountain Lion



Hike and camp in groups.,
Avoid hiking at dusk or dawn.,
Deer-proof your home.,
Keep your domestic pets indoors.

Mountain lions are solitary creatures: they do not hunt in packs. Therefore, if you are hiking or camping in a group of people, they will be far less likely to attack you than if you are just by yourself., Mountain lions are most active between twilight and dawn; they have superior vision at night and they prefer to use this advantage when they hunt. If you are in an area known to have mountain lions, avoid walking alone at night, early morning, or in the early evening.

, Mountain lions love to eat deer; therefore, you should attempt to deter deer from your property if you live in an area with mountain lions. Deer, in turn, love to eat vegetation such as roses, chrysanthemums, and berries, so you should avoid planting these items or keep them in an enclosed planter. Installing outdoor lighting and automated sprinklers will also help detract deer and mountain lions., Generally, a mountain lion will always prefer to eat deer, elk, or porcupines, but in an area where food is scarce, they will also attack livestock and your household pets. Make sure you keep your dogs and cats indoors or on a leash if they are outside so they do not attract a mountain lion. Livestock should be kept in fenced or sheltered areas (like a barn of stables) for protection.

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