How to Feed the Birds



Purchase a seed feeder.,
Purchase a nectar feed.,
Purchase the right feed.,
Provide fresh water for the birds.,
Provide peanuts for some birds.,
Provide suet to the birds.,
Provide fresh fruit for the birds.

Do some research to find out what types of birds live in your area. Also find out what type of seed to buy using the links below. Purchase a feeder to dispense the seed. (Again, do some research; there are hundreds of different types of feeders to choose from: platform feeders, tube feeders, etc.) Some of the more expensive feeders have “baffles” that prevent squirrels and other pests from eating from them. Many feeders are also made to dispense a certain seed, or for a certain species. For example, “thistle socks” are made to contain thistles only, and can only be used by goldfinches. Clean the feeders once a week with soap and water.;
, If you want to attract hummingbirds, you can set up a nectar feeder. “Nectar” is a solution with a sugar-water ratio of 1:4. Do not fill the feeders with too much nectar, and take care to clean your nectar feeder in the summer; sugar can ferment and kill the birds.

, Do some researching on the types of birds you have in your location and find out what they eat. Some birds eat seeds such as sunflower, some eat fruit such as berries whilst others eat types of bugs such as mealworms. You can get wild bird feed from a pet store which are suitable for most native birds.

, Most birds are attracted to the sound of water and it’s always good to provide some water for the birds to drink on a hot day. You can buy a bird bath with a faucet or make your own dripping system. During winter you can purchase a heated bird bath if it gets quite cold.

To make a dripping system fill a shallow dish with water and punch a small hole in the bottom of a bucket, fill the bucket with water and hang it from a branch or a supporting structure. Fill a shallow dish with water. Punch a small hole in the bottom of a bucket. Fill the bucket with water, and hang from a branch or supporting structure. The water should drip and not pour into the shallow dish.

, Many birds, such as jays and nuthatches, enjoy peanuts. String the shells together. Don’t offer peanuts in the spring and summer, as parents will offer these to baby birds, which will choke on them.

, Suet is a huge source of protein and fat, and is very helpful in the winter. You can buy it in slabs, or make your own. Nail or attach with mesh to the trunk of a tree. Don’t offer suet in the summer, as it can go rancid.

, Fresh fruit, as well as jelly, is popular, and will attract orioles and robins, as well as other birds. Dispense jelly in a shallow container, slice oranges in half, and impale each half on a spike (nail, small tree branch, etc.). These can also attract wasps and ants; clean frequently.

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