How to Feed Guinea Pigs Vitamin C



Recognize a guinea pig suffering from insufficient Vitamin C. An insufficiency can produce symptoms within two weeks.Common symptoms include: , poor appetite and weight loss
bleeding gums and pain the teeth
stiff joints
nasal discharge
rough texture to the hair
difficulty avoiding infections or healing from wounds

Consult your vet.,
Use a dropper or syringe to get Vitamin C into a sick guinea pig.

, If you believe that your guinea pig isn’t getting enough Vitamin C, or if your guinea pig is showing symptoms of a vitamin deficiency, make an appointment with your vet. She will be able to assess your guinea pig.

Always consult a vet if you think your guinea pig is pregnant. Guinea pigs often have difficult births, so medical supervision of the pregnancy is vital., When your guinea pig isn’t feeling well, even from Vitamin C deficiency, it may be reluctant to eat supplements or Vitamin C-rich treats.In this case, ensure that it’s getting enough Vitamin C by administering liquid Vitamin C in the mouth using a syringe or dropper.

You will need to administer an increased dose of Vitamin C for 1-2 weeks if your guinea pig is recovering from a deficiency. Your vet will be able to specify a dose.

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