How to Feed Guinea Pigs Vitamin C



Feed specially designed Vitamin C tablets directly to your guinea pig.,
Offer Vitamin C tablets or liquids designed for children.Be sure not to give too much.,
Don’t rely on adding Vitamin C to drinking water.Supplements may alter the taste of the water and discourage your guinea pig from drinking enough, leading to dehydration as well as Vitamin C deficiency.

These are supplements designed to appeal to your guinea pig by resembling a treat.Be sure not to use supplements after their expiration date, since they are unlikely to have sufficient active Vitamin C by that point.

, Guinea pigs are much smaller than human children and only need about 20-25mg/day of Vitamin C. Although Vitamin C does not stay in the body, it’s not good for your guinea pig to ingest too much of the sugar or other additives that may be included in products designed for children.

You might add the supplement to a leafy green or other treat to encourage your guinea pig to take it.
You can also administer liquids by a dropper or syringe, but try something else if your guinea pig resists this method.Don’t use a multivitamin designed for adults. It is likely to contain other vitamins and minerals that your guinea pig doesn’t need and that may cause harm in large quantities., In addition, Vitamin C breaks down quickly when exposed to light and water. After eight hours, the available Vitamin C in a water bottle may be no more than 20% of what was originally added.

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