How to Feed Chickens Organically



Give your chickens the freshest fruits and veggies.,
Feed them sunflower seeds.,
As for the fruit and vegetables, stay particular to blackberries and carrots.

Feed them grass.,
Prepare the food correctly.,
Feed them fruit and vegetable peels.,
Be aware that this method is made for the purpose of the chicken’s best enjoyment, activity and egg production.

In the wild, chickens wouldn’t have dried corn bits, fruits and seeds. They would have to get their food themselves, so the best choice would be to feed them the fresh versions of those. Corn bits right off the cob, mashed fruits and vegetables, and fresh seeds make great food for your chickens.;
, Sunflower seeds have many essential oils, so they are highly recommended.

,, Surprisingly, grass is very good for the chicken’s immune system. Additionally, the chlorophyll helps the chicken’s eggs gain a good pigment and may even increase their size. Make sure you feed them soft grass; this is the only case where it is okay to give the blades to them whole. They will usually eat it vertically.

, You can grow these food items yourself to ensure extra freshness, but buying them from the store is also okay. If bought the food from the store, make sure you wash the food items and that they are at room temperature. Cold foods could cause discomfort or discourage the chicken from eating. Everything should be mashed or diced in order for the chicken to eat it without choking, or to actually be able to eat it at all!

, When you cook and use vegetables or fruits and peel them, giving these to your pet would be a good idea. Except for potato peels. It is difficult for chickens to eat and digest these. Zucchini peels, carrot peels (washed) and squash peels are all great.

, This method could cause your chickens to remain at a median weight for their breed, so they would be skinny. This is why you should use these steps and feed them often (depending on the breed).

Small breeds (3-6 pounds or less, female) should be fed approximately half a cup of mix every 8 hours.
Medium breeds (7-12 pounds, female) should be fed approximately 3/4 cup of mix every 6 hours.
Large breeds (13-20 pounds, female) should be fed one full cup of mix every 6-8 hours. If you are seriously concerned at any point about your chicken’s health, weight, or behavior, do not hesitate to call your local vet and get your pet checked out right away.

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