How to Feed a Hamster Medicine



Get instructions from your vet.,
Prepare your site and supplies.,
Draw the medicine.,
Restrain the hamster.,
Administer the shot.

Although giving medicine orally is easier and less expensive, “parenteral administration,” i.e. a shot, is often a more effective method. Your vet will tell you if this is the best way. Also, some medicines can’t be given to hamsters orally.Ask the doctor for step-by-step instructions if you have to give the shot yourself. It is not particularly hard, but you must be able to do it correctly.
Try to have the vet write down the instructions on paper, if possible. This will allow you to refresh your memory at home.

, Beforehand, take the syringe and other supplies to draw out the correct dosage of medicine. Besides the syringe you will need the vial of meds the vet gave you, an alcohol pad, and a needle or sharp. Like before, set up shop in a safe place.

Read the instructions closely before going ahead. As always, you must be careful to get the right amount to avoid an overdose.
Take the cap off the vial and wipe the top with an alcohol pad to sterilize it.

, Hold the syringe in your hand like a pencil and take the protective cap off the needle. Pull back the plunger to the line on the scale for your dosage. This will fill the tube with air.Next, hold the vial right side up, push the needle through the rubber top, and push out the air. Doing so will keep a vacuum from forming.
Turn the vial upside down so that the needle is in the medicine. Then, pull back on the plunger to your dosage amount. Remove any trapped air bubbles by tapping on the syringe with your fingers, and gently push the plunger to expel them from the tube.
Remove the needle from the vial. Keep it sterile. If you have to set the syringe down, be sure to cover the needle with the protective cap.

, Carefully and gently take your pet from the cage. You may want to clear out obstacles like exercise wheels and food dishes, so that the animal cannot evade you. The best way to give a shot to a hamster is by scruffing.

Again, gently pinch the scruff between your thumb and forefinger and pull it taut. Then, turn the animal over while supporting its body with your palm. The hamster should be immobilized.

, Take the syringe with your free hand and remove the protective cap. Hold the animal steady and prepare to deliver the medication.

For a shot into the body cavity (called an intraperitoneal injection), wipe the lower left part of the abdomen with the alcohol wipe and let it dry.
Tip the animal so that its nose is pointing down a bit and insert the needle at a 30 degree angle in the sterilized area. Push the plunger to inject the medicine and then remove the needle.For a shot under the skin (called a subcutaneous injection), lightly pull up the skin over the injection site to make a small pocket. Sterilize the pocket with alcohol and insert the needle.
Retract the plunger. If you see any blood or fluid, reposition the needle. Repeat. When you have found a good site, push the plunger to inject the medicine and remove the needle.Return the animal to its cage when you are done.

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