How to Feed a Hamster Medicine



Measure the proper dosage.,
Dissolve the medicine in water.,
Dissolve the medicine into food, alternately.,
Be cautious if administering antibiotics.

Medicine in food or water is easier to administer to your hamster but, at times, less effective. On one hand, you’re “hiding” the meds and do not have to handle the animal. On the other, it is hard to keep track of consumption, and the animal might taste the medicine and avoid eating or drinking.Take the medicine bottle and measure out the correct amount with a small dropper.
Again, follow your veterinarian’s instructions and be sure you have the exact dosage. Hamsters are small animals and can easily overdose., If the veterinarian has suggested it, you might be dissolving meds into your hamster’s water supply. Take the animal’s water bottle from the cage and open it.

Fill the bottle with water and add the medicine from the dropper. You will need to make sure that the meds are fully dissolved and well-mixed and that they are changed daily.Use only purified, de-ionized water. No tap water.Monitor your pet closely once you have returned the bottle to the cage. Make sure that the animal continues to drink normally.

, Place the proper amount of drops onto a piece of your hamster’s food and then offer the food to the animal. You might place it directly into the cage, or you can tempt the hamster with the treat from your hand.

Hamster pellets are small. It might take you quite a few of them to administer the medicine, depending on the dosage.
Bribing the animal with a special, medicine-laced treat – like cottage cheese or baby food – is another idea. Put a small amount of food with the full dose on the spoon, and let the animal eat until it is gone.

, Hamsters are sensitive to anti-biotics, which change the microbial balance of the animal’s intestines and can kill it. If the vet has prescribed antibiotics, follow her instructions to the letter.Give the hamster a small amount of white, live-culture yogurt (1/10 of a teaspoon) twice per day if you are administering antibiotics, once in the morning and again in the evening. Do so for the duration of the therapy and for another 5-7 days.The yogurt will help to replace the intestinal bacteria that your hamster loses because of the antibiotics.

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