How to Exercise Your Guinea Pig



Choose the right cage.,
Put some encouraging toys in the cage.,
Position your toys.,
Avoid crowding the cage.,
Change things around.

Ensure that your cage is large enough to safely and properly accommodate a guinea pig. It must be large enough for them to run around, do laps, and have some piggy fun! Guinea pigs can’t just sit around, waiting for someone to take them out-let your guinea pig be able to exercise on its own time.For one guinea pig, they cage should be at least 7.5 square feet.
For two guinea pigs, 7.5 square feet is the minimum, but 10.5 is recommended.;
, There are many wooden balls, chews, and other toys that will encourage your guinea pigs to exercise inside of their cage. As mentioned before, guinea pigs like to exercise on their own schedule, and placing some fun stuff in there will encourage them to play.Sometimes your guinea pigs won’t play with the toys you got them, and that’s okay! It is good to know your piggies’ preferences, as they will help you shop in the future.
Be choosy with the toys you buy. Guinea pig toys with dyes, small parts, or added sugars can hurt your guinea pig.

, Don’t place all of the toys up against the wall. If you have hidey houses, food bowls, and toys scatter them around the center of the cage. It might look a bit messy, but your guinea pigs will be able to run around much more freely!

Balls and hidey houses (or other things they can crawl through) will encourage the most movement.

, Place things properly in the cage, but don’t crowd it. If you have so many hidey houses, toys, or food bowls that your guinea pigs hardly have an inch of room, it is best to consider removing a few items.

, To keep it fun, it is highly recommended to move accessories inside of the cage around once in a while. Some owners do it every day, while others do it after every cage cleaning. Many piggies enjoy a change of scenery once in a while, and this encourages them to explore and play.

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