How to Exercise Your Guinea Pig



Check the weather.,
Beware of chemicals.,
Use a play pen.,
Avoid harsh sunlight.,
Let your guinea pig run and play!

Before you bring your guinea pig outside for play time, you should check the weather outside. The temperature must be lower than 80 degrees and higher than 60. It should also be dry, but not too sunny., Plan to bring your guinea pig to an area that has not been chemically treated. If your lawn has been treated with chemicals, you may want to put down a blanket or tarp for your guinea pig., Before you take a guinea pigs outside, make sure that you have an escape-proof play pen of some sort. If done correctly, many guinea pigs love to run around, nibble on some grass, and soak up some sunshine. Allowing them to run freely outside (without a pen) can be very risky.

A play pen can be purchased at any pet store.
Alternatively, you can make your own using low corrugated plastic meant for lawn borders (from a hardware store), or metal baking cooling racks and zip ties.

, A little bit of sun is great for your guinea pig, but too much harsh sunlight can be overwhelming for them. If it is a particularly sunny day, you may want to put up a sunshade or umbrella for your piggy., Once all the proper safety precautions are in place, take your pig outside and let him play! Sit in a lawn chair near the pen and enjoy the day with him.

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