How to Entertain Your Hamster



Take your hamster for a walk.,
Try building some sort of obstacle course or maze.,
Create a den or run for your hamster.,
Hide food and toys under bedding.

Place your hamster on one hand and place the other hand in front of that hand so that it can walk onto your hand. Continue doing this; you should find your hamster keeps getting faster and faster. It will think it’s going somewhere when really it is just on your hands.

, There are YouTube videos and Wikihow articles showing you how to make hamster mazes.

, Let your hamster explore its new surroundings. Just be sure that any structures you make are safe for your hamster and will not collapse.

, When your hamster is burrowing it’ll find them.

Hide treats in the wood chips.
If you use hamster-safe fruits and vegetables, remove those not eaten within 24 hours.

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