How to Entertain Lories and Lorikeets



Pet your lories and lorikeets regularly.,
Let your bird spend time out of the cage.,
Keep your lory or lorikeet close to you whenever possible.

While it may take a few weeks for a new bird to get used to you, lories and lorikeets are highly sociable birds. They enjoy being petted and handled. Once your bird seems comfortable in your presence, make petting a part of your daily routine.If your bird seems uncomfortable and moves away from your touch, it may need more time to get used to you. Wait until your bird comes to you and remains relaxed during petting to handle it regularly.;
, Due to their social nature, lories and lorikeets enjoy time out of the cage with their owner. During downtime, allow your bird to come out of the cage to explore and interact with you. Strive to let your bird out of the cage at least once a day.Make sure any windows are closed and that you remove any hazards, like small items that can be swallowed, before releasing your bird from the cage.
Keep other pets out of the room when letting your bird loose, especially pets like cats that may prey on a bird.

, Lories and lorikeets enjoy being near people and may develop behavioral problems if left alone too often. Keep their cages in a room where you spend a lot of time. If your bird does well out of the cage, bring your bird from room to room with you whenever possible.

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