How to Entertain Lories and Lorikeets



Provide a home with sufficient space.,
Give your birds rattling toys.,
Provide foraging toys.,
Rotate toys weekly.,
Provide perches.,
Use food to entertain your birds.

In general, the larger the better for a lory or lorikeet’s cage. Opt for the biggest cage you can fit in your home. Lories and lorikeets should have cages that are at least 36 inches high by 48 inches long and 28 inches wide (approximately 91, 123, and 71 centimeters). If you have space for a bigger cage than this, however, get one., Rattling bird toys are sold in most pet stores. They can also be purchased online. Rattling toys are particularly popular with loris and lorikeets as they enjoy toys that make noise. Look for bird toys that rattle, jingle, or otherwise make sounds.Keep in mind, however, noisy toys can cause irritation. It may be a good idea to remove noisy toys from the cage during the night.

, Lories and lorikeets forage naturally in the wild. Foraging toys, which you can buy online or at most pet stores, provide necessary stimulation that prevents boredom. It’s vital to have several quality foraging toys in your lory or lorikeet’s cage to keep it entertained.Foraging toys are toys you can use to hide food and objects your bird likes. This will give your bird a chance to scavenge in their cage like they would in the wild.

, Lories and lorikeets do get bored easily. If you leave them with the same toys, they’ll quickly get tired of playing with them. Have several different sets of toys for your birds and rotate the toys once a week. This will prevent your birds from getting tired of their toys.It’s okay to use the same types of toys, however, as long as they’re a different style or design. Lories and lorikeets always enjoy noisy toys and foraging toys, but may get bored with the same toy for weeks on end.

, Lories and lorikeets love climbing on perches in their cage, so be sure to stock the cage with plenty of perches. These can be purchased at a pet store and then installed in the cage. Go for perches made of natural wood over artificial materials, as these will help prevent sores on your bird’s feet., Before you leave for the day, take a small treat or piece of food. Hide it somewhere in the cage for your bird, such as under a toy or in a box. This will give your bird something to do during the day.

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