How to Entertain a Cockatiel



Give your cockatiel toys to shred and chew on.,
Put a swing in your bird’s cage.,
Rotate your cockatiel’s toys.,
Give the cockatiel somewhere to bathe.,
Provide a mirror for your bird.,
Consider getting another cockatiel.

Cockatiels love to shred and chew on a variety of items. It stimulates their brains and keeps their beaks healthy. Providing them with a bunch of different things to chew on is important, as they can get bored with just one chewing or shredding toy. Things that cockatiels typically like to chew on include:Commercial shredding toys
Untreated wood, such as apple, ash, almond, apricot, peach, maple, or elm
Thin cardboard, such as paper towel rolls
Feather toys
Rope toys;
, Cockatiels tend to like sitting on swings once in awhile. Most swings made for birds are round hoops that allow the bird to sit upright inside of them. They move similarly to branches in the wild, so this may be why cockatiels like to sit on them.Pick a swing for your bird’s cage that is covered in something that is easy for them to perch on, such as a swing that is wrapped in natural cotton rope.

, A cockatiel will get bored with toys that are always the same and always in the same spot. Switch out toys that the bird seems disinterested in and move toys it loves into different areas of its cage. Giving the bird some variety will help to assure that it continues to be entertained by its toys.When you rotate out old toys, put new toys in, and move the bird’s existing toys around in its cage, take that opportunity to thoroughly clean any toys that are going in its cage. Having clean toys will help to assure that your bird remains healthy.

, Some cockatiels like to take a bath in a shallow dish of lukewarm water. This is typically placed at the bottom of the bird’s cage and only left in place for a few hours. Providing your bird with the water and dish once a week or so will allow it to have some focused time cleaning and preening itself.Not all cockatiels enjoy this activity. Some just want to be sprayed by you with a light mist of warm water from a spray bottle. Spraying them will still give them much needed moisture and cleaning time.

, Some cockatiels can be entertained by looking at themselves in a mirror. Putting a small mirror in their cage can provide hours of entertainment. Your bird may look in the mirror and think that there is another bird there for it to interact with or even a potential mate.Since cockatiels are flock animals, they will likely be interested in interacting with the bird they see reflected in the mirror.

, A really good way to keep your cockatiel entertained is to get another one for it to interact with. The birds will be able to talk to each other and generally keep each other company.

You can keep both birds in separate cages that are placed next to each other. This will eliminate the chance of overcrowding or fighting.

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